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A little bit more about our “Automotive Detailing” you will have satisfaction, guaranteed professionalism and expertise every time. Whether it be your everyday car, show car, motorcycle or truck, boat, we use only the most extensive paint correction technology and high-end automotive detailing and finishing products. We are talented and professional, with over forty plus (40+) years affiliated with the International Show Car Association and Super Chevy show’s; our award-winning detailing will leave your vehicle with a very appealing appearance, and in the same location for over  thirty five (35) years.

All prices are based on a pre-condition; all prices subject to adjustment on inspection.

All Vehicles receive a pre-Inspection and signature authorization.

By Appointment! We are Licensed and Insured!

                                                          SML                     MED                     LRG                 XTRA LG

COMPLETE EXTERIOR-                 $150.00              $170.00              $190.00              $230.00             

Exterior Detail: Remove tree sap and road debris, Machine polish, Wax and buff, Paint sealant application, Clean windows

COMPLETE INTERIOR-                  $150.00              $170.00              $190.00              $230.00             

Interior Detail: Leather cleaning/conditioning, Cleaning of trim, Steam clean interior, Shampoo carpet and floor mats, Clean windows

WASH / WAX – EXPRESS-                         $120.00             

Exterior: Wash-n-Dress, Interior: Wipe-down, Clean windows

Additional Services:

                                                          Small                    Large

Headlight restoration                   $49.99                 $59.99                 "Headlight oxidation removal"

Leather conditioning                    $49.99                 $59.99                 "Interior seats and trim reconditioning"


Glass treatment                                            $49.99 Starts @                         

Pet hair removal                                            $90.00 HR.                                                 

Odor Removal from vehicle                          $90.00 HR.                                     

Hourly shop fee                                              $99.00  HR.          

Engine bay cleaning                                    $200.00 Starts @        

Paint Correction:

 Machine polishing using a combination of compound, medium and ultra-fine polishes. A full set of paint thickness readings taken. We highly recommended this stage for high value cars with less than good cared for paintwork. The amount of extra machine polishing required to remove deep scratches will surprise many. Please note the detailer may judge some scratches and imperfections as too deep to be safely removed. Time: Three plus days

SML $1250 | MED $1450 | LRG $1650 | XTRA LG $1850 

Vehicle Description: all starting prices

Small Cars:(Civic, 4dr Mini-Cooper, Prius, BMW-3series, Audi A4, Porsche 911 series)

Medium Cars: (Crossovers and most Exotic cars, Rav4, Outback, Q5, Cayenne, BMW-7series, Ferrari,
GT-R, Lamborghini, NSX, Tesla)

Large Full Size: (Honda Pilot, Tahoe, 4runner, Tacoma, Odyssey, Sienna, Q7, BMW x5)

XTRA-Large:(Escalade, Yukon, F-150, C1500, Tundra, Chev. 3500, Ram 3500, F-250 & F-350)

Other: (Motorhomes, Trailers, Boats)

     We Do Not Have a Public Restroom or Waiting areas!

No Vehicles requiring Body or Mechanical Repairs, Paint, Clear Coat, Interior repairs 

All Vehicles receive a pre-Inspection and signature authorization!